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sell what sells.™

True Guidance Behind Your Optical Data.

Powerfully Profitable.

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Stunning Visuals

Shows you exactly what your optical trends are.

  • Vision far beyond inventory.
  • Clarity for better buying decisions.
  • Control how frame reps can help you better.
  • Excitement that your optical has direction.

True Guidance­

Because having data you don't know how to use is, well...useless.

  • Intelligent advice based on data - not opinion - constantly guides you.
  • Insights continually direct your inventory toward brands & styles your patients want to buy.
  • Power of profit. Built to always determine which direction is most profitable for you.

Genius Simplicity

About 5 minutes a month gets you endless data that constantly guides your optical.

  • Simple entry anyone on your team can use (seriously, anyone).
  • Smart design is easy & intuitive.
  • Save time. Save effort. Save (and make more) money.
  • Sell much more, much easier than you ever thought possible.

Easy Entry

Anyone on your team can quickly & easily input sales data.

  • Data entry is so simple it's done in just a few minutes.
  • Easy-to-follow guidance leads you to higher profitability each month.
  • WARNING! Most see increased profits, self-confidence & happiness after using.

Buy With Certainty

The very meaning of sell what sells.™

  • Offer frame brands & styles that fly off the shelf.
  • Help your reps help you choose the most profitable inventory.
  • Set yourself apart with styles your clients really want.


Know where you've been & where you're going.

  • Unlimited storage & data recall.
  • View detailed performance data in beautiful, easy-to-understand charts.
  • Your sales history data is used to guide you to your future success.

How It Works

Your success is calling, are you listening? Here's how:

  1. Pick your plan

  2. Gather your data

  3. Follow our Setup Wizard

  • Created with smart features & powerful analytics to help your team make profitable decisions.

  • Easy access & rapid entry capability saves you time getting the data you need right when you need it.

    PRO TIP: When reviewing your analytics, you can view the quantity of frames sold and the monetary value that brand. Helping you work smarter, not harder!

Shake Your Moneymaker

(seriously, FrameTurn® is a real moneymaker)



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